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Hello there!

We are a small family of three, myself Anna, my husband Julian and our 7 years old boy Dorian:)

Since I was a kid my animals were my whole life, I could not live without them. I was that type of kid who was bringing all sick and feral cats, dogs and birds home...My parents were not too keen about it back than but as much as they could they supported my hobby. We always had some small pets at home like hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs and later dogs. I always knew my future would be related with animals. 

I met my husband as a teenager and he fully understood my passion, maybe he wasn't as crazy as me back than but he knew it was this way or no way for me:)).  Right before moving to University he found an abandoned kitten and he became our first fur kid. He was ginger and named Madagaskar! :) 
So we were both studying Animal Breeding and Biology at University in Poland, we lived in a small flat surrounded by cats, two big dogs, two rats and fish! After we moved back home, we both worked on a horse ranch and that was one of the happiest times we had.

Between 2006 and 2010 we were a foster home for abandoned cats and kittens. Most of them were sick and old but after good care and vet treatments they all found good forever homes:)

 We once had a litter of abandoned kittens, they were just a few days old without mum and prognosis was very poor. We were determined to save them so we fed them every two - three hours for 3 weeks.....that was challenging! But worth everything.  All kittens survived and found their homes at the end...including Tosia that lives with us and is in good health and will be 10 years old this year:) 

Meanwhile we adopted a blue Persian girl named Plum, I totally fall in love in her!  I thought how wonderful it would be to try and breed after all the experience we had with kittens!

Our minds to this breed totally changed when we took in a foster, an older Maine Coon type lady without an eye. She was wonderful and even without an eye so affectionate and social, she found her forever home straight away. Since than my mind was set on Maine coon breed...

Than we moved to UK and for a long time we didn't think about breeding at all..  Until the summer of 2015 when during a visit to Poland I found an advert about a Blue Maine Coon girl.. Her name was Fortune, blue solid with white and like never before I started to think about breeding again.. but as normal more cons than pros... not the best time etc..  Then my mum stepped in! We had all been grieving after a family members death, she said "life is too short, follow your dreams!" 

Till now I have no idea how this all happened! :) 

I called the breeder but unfortunately Fortune was already reserved. She said she has her two sisters available and can I pop in to see them. All my family just packed in the car and drove 1.5hours to the breeder.

So there were two kittens, one blue tortie who was so affectionate and cuddly...and one blue tabby who was more independent and sassy...which straight away ruled my heart!! Her name was....Flavia:) And here our dream came true with our first Queen Flavia:) 

As my nick name is Angel....this all is simply Angel Dream:)

This is how it started...

We were lucky to welcome to our cat family more wonderful cats and blessed with some amazing kittens. We have met absolutely fantastic people in breeding world (and some awful but luckily run away from them quickly ;)  

The new owners of our kittens became our one big Angel Dream Family and some are dear friends.

We are not typical breeders who breed to sell and forget. We choose our new homes carefully, as staying in touch is the most important thing for us.

 Our kittens are loved by all of us since they are born.. they are used to being handled, cuddled and kissed from the very beginning:) Our son takes a huge part in their socialisation, so they are used to being around children and dogs, as we have two French Bulldogs on board too:))



My courses and studies

Apart from being Animal Breeding and Biology student 

II've passed G1 - International course for cat breeders from Paw Peds Academy.

I have Feline Behaviour and Psychology Diploma

(passed with distinction) 


I've copleted with 100% score Feline Noutrition course.

I also got Animal & Pet First Aid Course Diploma


My recent course Felive First Aid.

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