New ceramic cat fountain perfect for maine coons!

We would like to recommend you the best cat water fountain we ever had!
No more plastic fountains in Angel Dream Cattery! :) 
Benefits of this ceramic cat fountain:
- easy to set up
- high quality ceramic
- stylish look, in many lovely colours that you can match to your interior
- with 8 drinking spaces, it's big enough that few cats can easly drink from it at one time!
-heavy- that's good especially for maine coons that love to play with water- they won't move it easly!
- You don't have to buy additional costy filters - simply put it in the dishwasher once in a while!
-Cats simply love it annd drink much more what is good for their health!

5* from us and our cats! In our opinion this fountain is simply perfect for maine coon breed :) 
You can easly order it to UK from here:

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