If you own a maine coon you probably know already how hard is to find a toy that will last for longer with our gentle giants:) As a breeder with many adults and litters of playful kittens I decided to try to make a really durable, high quality toys for my lot. My cats loved them straight away, also kittens that lately left us got them in their kitten packs and I'm receiving positive feedback from the owners how kittens love them and how good quality they are :) SO I decided to make them to order now.

Please check our FB page with more photos and comments from happy customers...and their cats :)

Estimate delivery time: 3-5 working days

Any questions feel free to ask any time via contact us page!



Best sellers!

 Grey Cat toy- with catnip, soft filling, bell and ribbon! 
Size: approx: 18 cm x 5 cm
£1.50 + P&P ( up to 2 toys- £1, more than 2- £3)
Discount for breeders for kitten packs! 

Kitty Head Cushions 
Cotton fabrics, soft filling, catnip, bell and ribbon 
Size approx: 14 cm x 8 cm ( "It's hand made with lo0ve..not perfect ")
£1.50 + P&P ( 1 item £1 p&p, more than one- £3 p&p )

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