Flavia of angeldream

Our first... one of the kind...Quenn Flavia..


 a 22  (Classic Blue Tabby)

FeLv/ FiV negative


We've been looking for a perfect girl for a long time, and when we saw her, it was love from the first sign. 

With typical east european standard she got very nice muzzle, strong bones, amazing mane and long fluffy tail. Beyond typical ear tufts she got specific long tufts from behind her ears.

Her dad is huge solid blue champion, mum blue tortie beauty :)  

 Dog like character is everything we wanted from a Maine Coon :) She loves to travel by car, go outside in her harness, play with us -especially with our son. Most of a day she companion us in our activities- watch us cooking, cleaning, playing- wherever we go, she goes there rigth with us:) 

You can clearly see on the pictures how she's spending time with us -on Holidays abroad, visiting family & friends- also with other pets she don't mind that at all. :) 


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